TBT: Can You Name This Vintage Jeep Vehicle?

It's Thursday, and according to social media convention, we are expected to take a minute to reflect on the past. Luckily for us, the @Jeep twitter team has been killing the Throwback Thursday game for many, many weeks in a row. Every Thursday they post a partial picture of a classic Jeep vehicle and ask us to guess what it is. We don't always nail the exact model and year, but we usually get close. Today's puzzle is a little tricky because there are many vehicles with a similar grille. However, there are clues that might give this one away. Take a guess, then read on to see our answer.

From the grille, alone, it's obvious that we're looking at the successor to the oft-lauded Wrangler, the CJ-7. However, to get even more specific, the hood stripes tell us that this is a CJ-7 Laredo, a premium package offered from 1980 to 1986. Did you get the same answer? If not, what were your clues? For the official answer, be sure to check the @Jeep Twitter page, tomorrow.


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